Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Make money selling your own product
Yes, you can do this without spending money. This is the path most small business take - and probably the most profitable one.
It is also the most difficult one of the 4 ways to make money without money. It's difficult and time-consuming. If you're forced to do it without a budget, it will be even more time-consuming. But you're determined to build a profitable, long-term Internet business, right? Hard work is not a problem. Right?
The most difficult part of this method is the product development.
What can you make without spending a penny? Something that people will still buy from you?
The answer lies in information products. We all have marketable skills. You're an expert in something.
Do you know a lot about cars?
Write a mini-book on basic engine maintenance.
Know a lot about kids?
Write a book called "101 Ways To Keep 2-year olds entertained" - you've already got your first buyer right here!
This is really doable. There are people who'd pay to know what you know.
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